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Author Guidelines

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  1. Please be mindful that we are strict on the quality of information provided in articles. We will pro-actively edit the article and get back to you with the edited article for your approval, if any edits are done by us. We will also email you to notify if your article requires editing by you, regarding its content, to be acceptable for our audience.
  2. We are acceptable to you placing links within your articles’ text to promote your services or products, if you wish to do so. However, we will also screen the links you placed in the article for appropriateness, and would let you know if the links you placed are not acceptable by us.
  3. We only accept articles that meet the minimum length of 1000 words. This is to ensure a well-thought and elaborated article containing valuable information. As we believe that a short article will not provide our audience with a compelling quality reading experience.
  4. Do include images as needed in your article.
  5. Please provide us with an image and short description for your author profile. In your author profile, we will also link to your social media pages and website, so do provide us with them as well. Your author profile will be shown on your article.

Just drop us an email with your article for us to review, if the content is acceptable for our audience, we will let you know.

Submit your article to Contribute@edugage.com

We would like you to know that if your contribution of quality articles is huge, we will be keen to collaborate with you on a deeper level. We hope to build a beneficial relationship for both parties.

Additional Information

Published Article

  • No duplication of submitted and published article is allowed on other websites or materials intended for publication. It will be a violation of Edugage guest author policy. This will lead to immediate termination of guest author privilege and all articles published will be removed.
  • All rights to the submitted and published articles belong to Edugage. However, in no circumstances will your article be published on other websites or materials intended for distribution without your approval. In this situation, Edugage will request your approval.


  • Edugage takes a zero tolerance stance on plagiarism. Any article submitted by a guest author that is intentionally plagiarized will lead to immediate termination of the guest author relationship with Edugage. All articles submitted and published from the guest author whom plagiarized will also be removed.
  • Edugage will not reverse any decision made with regards to author’s plagiarism violation. We believe in maintaining the utmost ethical standards for publication, and expect all guest author writing for Edugage to follow these standards.


We would actively promote your article on Edugage’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We will also promote your article on Edugage partner websites and publication materials.

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