Studying Simplified

Anyone can study well if they know how to be engaged in their learning. Being engaged simply means engrossed and determined. By following the ideas shared herein, you will learn that to be great at studying is not complicated. It can be simple, if you know "how to learn" and "when to learn".

Simple Doesn't Mean Effortless

An idea can be simple, but it does not mean it will be effortless. What we are sharing in this guide is the idea that "Studying can be simple" if you know how-to. And we like you to understand that you will need to put in effort to implement the ideas shared. This will take effort. We know you can and will!

Understand How To Learn

Learning is a process. At each part of the process, there are distinct skills you can master to help you learn better.

Learn When To Learn

Spending tons of time on learning is not an optimal strategy. You need to learn when to learn and when to give your mind time to consolidate the learning.

Simple Together

Combine the simple ideas shared in Edugage to get the most from your study.

Study Strategies

Equip yourself with the study strategies to learn effectively.


A big part of learning is about paying attention and focus. Hone your concentration with these 

Build Productive Habits

Having the right study and life habits is half the work done. Make your effective studying automatic with the right habits.

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Get These Right To Study Effectively

Learning style

Are you studying according to your strength? Understand your learning style and adopt better learning methods.


To get your study completed, and do much more with your time, you need to have self-discipline. Learn to build this mental muscle.


Sometimes you might feel tired and exhausted from studying. It is common and alright. Everyone goes through tough learning times. What matters in this period is how you bounce back. You need to learn the art of staying motivated.

Study Effectively Articles

There are productive and unproductive ways to study. In this article, learn the ways to be productive with your study, and what to avoid.

Motivating a child to study requires you to be aware of the many details involved in your interaction with the child. Through awareness of these details, you will be better able to modify your interaction with the child in a way that will motivate the child to study.

Understand the important differences between studying and learning. With this knowledge, make better study decisions to improve your learning outcomes.

Successful people are defined by their healthy habits. Most habits are not standalone. This is where learning about habit stacking can give you the most return for your effort. In this guide, you will learn the step-by-step approach to get started with habit stacking.

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