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study for exams

How To Prepare For Exams? (Tips, Strategies, Readiness)

Time before exams can be stressful and tiring. With these tips and strategies you will learn to be better prepared for your exams. Additionally, learn the signs that you’re ready for your exams!

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study techniques

What Are The Different Study Techniques?

There are many study techniques, which you can practice, but it’s important to choose the ones that best suits you. These techniques can become your habits or powerful time-saving tools that aid in your schooling. Learn these 12 techniques to get started!

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baby cry

Why Do Babies Cry At Night? (Reasons & Tips)

Crying is a baby’s way to communicate. Nightly baby cries are disruptive for parents. By knowing why baby cries, parents will better handle the cries stress-free, or even avoid baby cries by prevention measures.

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set boundaries for child

How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Child (12 Solutions)

Setting healthy boundaries prevent your child from going astray. These 12 solutions will help parents set healthy boundaries at home and throughout the day.

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child talking

How To Encourage My Kid To Read? (12 Tips)

Reading is an important life skill. It improves vocabulary, enhances critical thinking, and develops analytical skills, which are critical for academic success and life. For this reason, your kid developing a reading behavior is important. Find out the 12 tips to encourage your kid to read!

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baby bubble

How To Encourage Your Baby To Talk (9 Tricks)

It’s a parent’s joy to hear their baby’s first word. As a parent, you can encourage your baby to start talking and begin language acquisition earlier. Learn these 9 activities (Tricks) to encourage your baby to speak sooner.

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child friends

What To Do When Your Child Has No Friends?

Children are naturally friendly, and they love making friends. It is a sight to see children laughing their hearts out at the playground. As a teacher, I observe often my students enjoy talking about their playmates, a healthy sign of early social development. From experience, if your child isn’t making friends, it’s a worrying sign, […]

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baby walk

How To Encourage Your Baby To Walk

Your baby’s first few steps mark the beginning of a lifetime journey. Learning how to walk alone will give your baby the sense of independence, exploration, and autonomy. Learning these 12 activities will help to encourage your baby to walk sooner.

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active kids

How To Effectively Deal With Your Hyperactive Child?

Children are actively energetic and excited about a lot of things. There are various reasons as to why this may be happening. While it may be a natural occurrence in their nature, it is still important that the excessive energetic outbursts become regulated eventually. How should you effectively deal with a hyperactive child? Hyperactivity is […]

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talking to child

How Should I Effectively Ask My Child Questions?

Developing communication with your child is another important part of growth and development. Young children are naturally curious about a lot of things. More often than not, you may find them asking you a series of questions as part of their learning experience. In the same thread, being the one who asks questions of your […]

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