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What Is The Sensorimotor Stage Of Development?

The sensorimotor stage of development is important phase of an infant’s cognitive development. While lasting only two years, it marks a critical milestone of an infant’s development. By digging deeper, we can learn to identify critical cognitive behavior and facilitate an infant’s healthy development.

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Baby Development By Month

When a baby is born, there’s so much delight in every developmental milestone. Parents watch out for new abilities and accomplishments each day. A baby’s transformation begins the moment they are born. As the months pass by, there are certain developments they undergo, bringing joy, excitement, worry, and many other feelings to those around them. […]

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How Do I Promote Healthy Child Development?

Raising well-developed children in every aspect of their being may just be one of the most challenging phases in the lives of parents and teachers . As an early childhood educator myself, I could say that child development definitely plays a big part in my responsibilities. As such, I have decided to further research on […]

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6 Questions You Might Have About The Stages Of Growth And Development

The stages of growth and development are important milestones that should be taken seriously. As a parent or teacher, these milestones help you understand your child better and respond to their needs promptly. Possessing such knowledge is essential in ensuring that your child grows into a healthy, productive and creative individuals. The questions are: Should […]

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The 3 Biological Factors Affecting Growth and Development in a Child

A child’s growth and development may be one of the most crucial moments in your life as a parent, and it starts as early as conception. Any parent would want to ensure that it will be as smooth-sailing as it can be, and try to be there every step of the way and take any […]

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differences between growth and development

Difference Between Growth And Development (8 Facts)

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, it’s in your best interest to know the differences between growth and development. Having a clear understanding of the two terms will help you in formulating appropriate learning styles to improve your child’s understanding.

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stages of development

What Are The 5 Stages Of Child Development?

Being a teacher and parent, we will want to know the 5 stages of child development. Having an understanding of the 5 stages of child development can let us better prepare ourselves for interacting with a child appropriately.

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growth and development factors

Factors Affecting Growth And Development Of A Child

When raising children, there are many factors that will affect their growth and development. It is important to understand these factors to help your child achieve a healthy growth and development.

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