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How Do You Prevent Your Child From Biting?

Playfulness is very common among children. It is a big part of their exploratory stage, and usually includes running around, squealing in high pitched voices when they’re excited, or sometimes even biting. As an early childhood educator, I have looked into ways on how this can be corrected in the best way possible. How do […]

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The 4 Benefits of Engaging Your Child in Early Education

On the surface, preschools and kindergartens may just seem to be all about fun and games, but these are actually vital stepping stones to a child’s growth and development. As an early childhood educator myself, I take pride in being a part of this very crucial moment in their lives, and I am more than […]

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The Truth About Why Kids Lie

There is a well-known saying that goes “honesty is the best policy”, and as a parent or an educator, it is in your best interest for your child to remain truthful as much as possible. In general, telling lies has been perceived to be a wrongdoing yet people (yes, even kids) tend to do this […]

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