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At Edugage, you will find articles and free courses (coming soon) that spur educational engagement. Getting you excited about learning, teaching and nurturing.

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Articles at Edugage are written around the goal of education and engagement. Are you a student looking to improve your capacity as a learner? An educator looking to engage your students in their learning? A parent seeking to nurture your child interest in learning? We got you covered at Edugage!

Free Courses

Build up your capacity for learning, teaching, and nurturing with our collection of free courses. They are targeted at developing your core skills that will help you achieve educational engagement. Advance subject specific courses are also available. 

[Please check back soon, as we are currently carefully selecting and building the best courses for your learning, teaching, and nurturing needs.][Coming in December 2019]


We are always looking for new authors to share their opinions and knowledge on educational engagement, learning, teaching, and nurturing. If you are interested to join our warm loving family at Edugage, please write to us by email request.

Upcoming Features

Free Courses

  • Constant self-improvement
  • Core educational skills development
  • Advance subject specific training
  • Taster courses on non-academic subjects
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E-Learning courses coming soon



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