What’s Edugage?

Welcome to Edugage! Edugage aims to be a platform of education engagement, as our name Edugage is derived from the root words of “education” and “engagement”.

This is where you can learn about making your education experience more engaging. If you are an educator, you will find information on making students’ learning experience more engaging. For parents, you will learn ways to engage your child in their learning.

At Edugage, you will find articles and free courses (we are building them right now) aimed to make an engaging education experience.


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8 Best Sports For Toddlers (Getting Started Tips)
    • Hi Maggie. Thanks for the comment. We are delighted that you like our idea! 🤓

      Would you be kind enough to let us know the type of articles that interest you by doing a simple quiz at Quiz @ Edugage (Scroll down till you see “Answer a Question”)?

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