All About Child Development for Skillful Parenting

Give your child the best opportunity to develop well from Day One. The early years mark the acquisition of many skills, such as sensorimotor, language, and social skills. Many of these developments can determine a child's lifelong journey. As a parent, you can influence these developments by acquiring knowledge of things to be aware and do.

This Child Development Guide Covers

Thoughtfully put together by our editorial team at Edugage, you will get a comprehensive journey for your learning on child development.

Step-by-step Learning on Child Development

Follow our guided learning roadmap to learn about child development. The roadmap guides you through step-by-step from the overview you need to important specific parenting knowledge. Read the articles suggested in the roadmap to be equipped with the parenting knowledge to get started.

Activities for You & Your Child

The fun of being a parent is the time spent with your child. Spend your precious bonding time with your child on these fun activities. Each fun activity you engage with your child has developmental benefits. Follow our list of suggested activities to start bonding with your child and play a role in your child's growth.

Answers to Common Parenting Questions

Parenting can be a role filled with many questions that you might never have thought about. See the top 4 most asked parenting questions. Learn about the answer to the question and useful parenting tips. There are other questions that you can read about by browsing our list of articles

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Know The Important Factors of Child Development

As you begin your parenting journey, it all begins with knowing the factors that influence your child's development. These factors are areas of development that affect a child's growth. By learning these factors, you can plan and guide your child's healthy growth.

With this article, you will learn the factors that make up child development, and how you can use it to guide your child's development.

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Encouraging Walking

Walking is a baby's first important developmental milestone in life. Reaching this developmental milestone early begins building your baby's sense of independence, explorativeness and autonomy. Importantly, walking is a fundamental skill of daily life.

With this article, you will learn 12 activities that you can do with your baby to encourage walking early on.

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Encouraging Talking

Talking is an essential life skill, and your baby's first exposure to the spoken language. You will be excited, as new parents, to get your baby talking sooner. This is possible with various activities to encourage your baby to talk.

In this article, we share with you activities that you can do to encourage your baby to talk.

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Effectively Asking Questions

Your child learning begins from the interaction you engage with your child. Throughout your interaction, you will be asking questions to prompt your child thinking, growth and development. Learning to ask effective questions can help develop your child cognitive ability effectively.


To effectively  engage with your child, this article will teach you ways to effectively ask questions.

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Practicing Positive Discipline

Forget the natural parental instinct of harsh methods, spanking and yelling, to discipline your child. Using the positive discipline method is more effective and healthy. This method will help you to build empathy and clearer communication with your child.

In this article, learn the better approach to discipline your child with positive discipline.

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Guiding Child Through Stress

Guiding your child through stressful situations is important for proper emotional development. As parents, you can be a guide to teach your child to work through their stress. This early healthy emotional development can impact your child's lifelong emotional health. 

In this article, you will learn to guide your child through stressful situations.

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Child Development

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Activities For You & Your Child

The fun of being a parent is the time spent with your child. Spent your precious bonding time with your child on these fun activities. Each article below shares various activities that have developmental benefits.

Most Asked Parenting Questions

Parenting can be a role filled with many questions that you might never have thought about. Below are the top 4 most asked parenting questions. Each article will answer the question and provide you with useful tips.

Curious Questions

Here are some questions that parents will definitely be curious about.

How do digital gadgets affect child development?

Many studies prove gadgets can negatively impact child development. One of the most important studies is its effect on brain development. The stage where a child’s brain is still developing. Digital products shown in gadgets are very fast. It does not allow time for the young children to process the information, and focus. It also leaves little to the imagination.

What are the signs that my baby will walk soon?

You can easily tell if your child will walk soon. When you see your baby making a crab walk and climbing up the stairs, it is a sign of walking. You can also expect your baby to enjoy bouncing on surfaces or on your lap. You will also observe that your baby is able to transfer body weight from one foot to the other when standing up. Moving and walking with push toys are also a manifestation that your baby will walk alone soon.

How can we make children love reading?

Start early. Read illustrated storybooks to them during their toddler years and make it a bedtime routine. Discuss the book as you read, let them point at pictures and scan the book as they please. This helps develop their deep love for books, which translates into a lifelong habit for reading.

Why do babies cry at night?

Crying is actually babies’ way to communicate to their caretakers what they need, and there are many reasons why they cry at night. The primary reason why they cry is that they would like to get your attention. As a parent, you have to be attentive to your precious baby’s cries, and you must also learn to interpret what is needed. Knowing the potential reasons why babies cry allows you to respond to their needs quickly, especially when it is in the middle of the night.

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