10 Growth Mindset Quotes For Students (With Interpretation)

Being a student can be challenging at times. With a growth mindset, we can stay upbeat and motivated to move forward in our studies. The best way to motivate oneself is to read motivational quotes. Here, I have collated 10 of my favorite growth mindset quotes for your motivation.

These growth mindset quotes are words said by successful people, whom exemplify the growth mindset. Reading them will be like walking in their shoes. And, a way to share their growth mindset underlying worldview.

Hopefully, these growth mindset quotes can enrich your own mindset, as they have done for me. Personally, the growth mindset quotes helped me to realign my mindset and appreciate the deeper meaning of developing a growth mindset. As I collate these growth mindset quotes, I have included my interpretation of them, which I believe can help you further enhance your understanding of the quote.

1) Dale Carnegie

“Important things in the world have been accomplished by individuals who kept on persisting when there seemed no hope at all.”

As a student, it is vital to remove fear from holding you back when seeking academic success. It is essential to use failure as invaluable feedback to learn and make better decisions. Alternatively, you can use past failures to approach new situations more intelligently.

For instance, you have consistently failed at Math despite your constant efforts to improve. Rather than giving up, you took the initiative to seek assistance from your tutors and colleagues to help you understand the root cause your poor Math performance. With their help, you learn simplified alternative strategies to solving Math problems. As a result, you improve your comprehension, and in no time, your Math grades improved.

In short, your persistence paid off. You did not give up, and you persisted. You struggled to find ways to resolve your difficulties. Ultimately, this persistence led you to accomplish an improvement in your study.

2) Stephen Curry

“Success isn’t an accident; success is a choice.”

As a student seeking academic excellence, you should understand that the most successful individuals worldwide didn’t just stumble on to success. They took the time to hone their craft and weathered through setbacks to dominate their fields.

There isn’t a substitute for hard work and perseverance. Attaining excellent grades is a collective effort comprising of your tutors’ contribution and your exceptional will to succeed. While so, this all boils down to the decision you take. As a student, you have a choice between improving on your academic grades or giving up and pursuing something else.

For instance, you can make the choice to improve your academic grades by creating an alternative study plan, cutting down on time wastage, seeking assistance from your tutors and colleagues and avoiding negative influence. While others are busy partying, you cut down on your social activities and spend the time improving your academic performance by studying hard.

It is critical that such choices are made voluntarily to yield the desired performance. You shouldn’t be coerced into making academic choices, but it should be self-driven and your ambition to become a successful student.

3) Arthur Rubinstein

“Don’t tell me how talented you are. Tell me how hard you can work.”

As a student, you should not accept the belief that success comes easy, especially if you already feel naturally gifted in school. Being naturally talented brings you a step closer to achieving academic success, but it does not completely help you reach success. Only if you also incorporate hard work will you get the success you want.

You could be an average student with average results. In contrast, your talented classmate could be performing remarkably well. Their unique ability to understand complex concepts could be intimidating to meet. Well, worry not! With the right mindset and consistent improvement, you can perform equally well, and might even outperform them.

As a student, you should never let your Intelligent Quotient (IQ) determine your success potential in school. Rather than allow it to affect you, find a role model that inspires you to greatness. Further, you can develop mutually beneficial study groups and improve your skills. In the end, your hard work will define your commitment to reaching your study goals.

4) Joyce Meyer

“When faced with a daunting challenge or asked to perform a task you have never done before, don’t be afraid to try it out. You are way more capable than you might think, but you’ll never realize it unless you demand more from yourself.”

If you are mentally prepared to succeed in school, then be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. You should embrace new projects as an opportunity to improve your knowledge and realize your optimal potential.

For starters, keep an open mind when learning new concepts in school. While the content might be challenging to grasp at first, you shouldn’t shy from consulting your tutors to identify simplified versions to understand each essential concept. Developing study groups is also an effective learning strategy to better understand complex topics.

By embracing new tasks, you subconsciously hone your creative and critical thinking skills to absorb and retain more content easily. Suffice to say, pushing your learning skills to new horizons expand your capacity to attain improved grades.

5) Harry Golden

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work”

There is no substitute for hard work when you are striving for academic excellence. Luck would not get you far in school. Hard work can bring you a step closer to achieving academic excellence.

Often, students can be misguided by the notion that success is dependent on luck. In reality, luck hardly plays any significant role in your pursuit of excellent grades.

To achieve academic success, you must be prepared to go the extra mile. This primarily means doing more test questions to improve your understanding and increase your aptitude. Also, consider asking questions about concepts that are deemed complex to understand, and try answering them without assistance.

When you are having a hard time with a Science course, consider prioritizing on critical points to understand before approaching your teachers. This makes it much easier to focus on the important concepts designed to improve your understanding.

Importantly, study sessions with your peers can also pay off. They can provide new insights on how to approach various topics and crafting excellent answers. The internet also offers an invaluable opportunity to delve deeper into complex topics by offering simplified notes and informative diagrams.

6) Michael Jordan

“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

As a student, it’s imperative to know that failure is a possible option during your learning journey. You could fail at History, Science, Math or even English. After all, no one is perfect at everything. However, you should never use your failure as an excuse to not seek self-improvement.

When you fail to improve on your shortcomings, you prepare yourself to fail even more.

As a student, you are bound to make several mistakes that can lead to failure. But failure is excellent feedback that you can channel into a positive learning experience. Each failure serves as a gentle reminder to approach the same concept more intelligently.

Having failed at a subject, it is essential to identify new learning strategies designed to improve your comprehension skills. You could come up with a simplified formula to grasp critical concepts or even associate them with familiar objects. By remembering such objects, you should be in a unique position to recall the subsequent idea related to it from your study sessions.

7) Shaquille O’Neal

“Work hard now. Don’t wait. If you work hard enough, you’ll be given what you deserve.”

Often, students tend to believe hard work is imminent during the final years of school. Not only is this notion misguided, it is not wise to cram effort till the last minute.

Even so, procrastination is a greater threat. Waiting to receive your preferred grades without putting in sufficient effort is a mirage that will never materialize. If you procrastinate, it will not lead you to your study goals.

When you identified challenging topics, don’t hesitate to take immediate action to address them. That means finding additional learning content that offers simplified content or seeking assistance from your teachers. More importantly, such courses ought to be studied when you are most alert to make comprehension much easier.

8) Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”

Treating life as an experiment is essential to keeping an open mind and willingness to learn new concepts. Each experience turns you into a wiser person. It compels you to seek more goals.

9) LeBron James

“I like criticism. It makes you strong.”

This quote is about embracing feedback. Feedback should be used as a learning opportunity to hone your skills and improve your craft. As feedback usually stems from criticism based on your performance, you should not be dishearten. If you intend to achieve excellent grades, then transform criticism into positive feedback and use it as motivation to improve.

It is not surprising that your teachers often criticize you based on your poor academic grades. You should not let such criticism lower your motivation. Instead, take the necessary steps to turn your performance around by putting in ever greater effort.

Amaze your teachers and peers with your ability to take in feedback and become stronger.

10) Samuel Johnson

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

Perseverance regardless of your current setbacks always pays off in the end. Often, most students fail to reach the pinnacle of academic success because they give up too quickly. If you are a quitter, then chances are you will not achieve your preferred grades.

Perseverance means you must be willing to get back up from each failure to try again. It is a given that failing is inevitable in your studies. Exhibiting persistence based on a growth mindset gives you the extra advantage to reach your study goals.


I hope these 10 awesome growth mindset quotes have left an impression in you. Bookmark this article and visit it anytime you need a motivational boost.

If you have an awesome growth mindset quote to share, please write it in the comment below.

Related Questions

Do all growth mindset quotes convey the same message? Yes, all growth mindset quotes are designed to motivate you to work harder and smarter to achieve your goals and objectives.

Can I achieve success without relying on growth mindset quotes? You can achieve success without relying on growth mindset. Reading about growth mindset quotes can be motivational. It can provide the extra push to get through difficult times.


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