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How To Effectively Deal With Your Hyperactive Child?

Children are actively energetic and excited about a lot of things. There are various reasons as to why this may be happening. While it may be a natural occurrence in their nature, it is still important that the excessive energetic outbursts become regulated eventually. How should you effectively deal with a hyperactive child? Hyperactivity is […]

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How Should I Effectively Ask My Child Questions?

Developing communication with your child is another important part of growth and development. Young children are naturally curious about a lot of things. More often than not, you may find them asking you a series of questions as part of their learning experience. In the same thread, being the one who asks questions of your […]

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At What Age Should A Child Start Talking Clearly?

What did you feel when you first heard your child talk? It was surely a wonderful feeling when your baby said ‘daddy’ or ‘mommy’ clearly for the first time. On the other hand, what if your three year old can barely say two words together or isn’t talking yet? Worry not, for this article will […]

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How Do I Practice Positive Discipline In Children?

Whether you are a parent or an educator, instilling discipline in children may just be one of the most challenging tasks you are faced with. For the longest time, most of us were made to believe that in order for discipline to be effective, harsh methods such as spanking and yelling are crucial. However, evolving […]

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How Do I Lessen My Child’s Crying?

There are various reasons why children cry. It may be because they are still unable to express themselves using words, pain, or simply cannot get what they want. While it is true that crying is a common for children, there are ways to lessen these occurrences. How to stop your child from crying? The very […]

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How To Help Your Child Deal with Stress?

Amidst the happy, carefree, play-filled world of children, there also exist stresses and anxieties. As parents and teachers, ensuring a healthy well-being among our children is our utmost concern. In this light, I have decided to look into ways on how parents and teachers alike can help children in dealing with stress. How to help […]

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Baby Development By Month

When a baby is born, there’s so much delight in every developmental milestone. Parents watch out for new abilities and accomplishments each day. A baby’s transformation begins the moment they are born. As the months pass by, there are certain developments they undergo, bringing joy, excitement, worry, and many other feelings to those around them. […]

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How Do I Promote Healthy Child Development?

Raising well-developed children in every aspect of their being may just be one of the most challenging phases in the lives of parents and teachers . As an early childhood educator myself, I could say that child development definitely plays a big part in my responsibilities. As such, I have decided to further research on […]

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How Do You Prevent Your Child From Biting?

Playfulness is very common among children. It is a big part of their exploratory stage, and usually includes running around, squealing in high pitched voices when they’re excited, or sometimes even biting. As an early childhood educator, I have looked into ways on how this can be corrected in the best way possible. How do […]

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14 Quotes on Habits by Aristotle that will Increase your Productivity

As educators, we stand to learn much from the wisdom of Aristotle. Having an in-depth understanding of Aristotle’s quotes can help you understand the bad habits affecting your productivity. Afterward, you can transform the bad habits into good ones and accomplish set goals and objectives. It’s imperative to implement habit quotes into your personal and […]

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