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At Edugage, we believe in the idea that education and engagement are needed to be your best self - We call it getting “Edugaged”. We provide information for parents and teachers to edugage the lives they impact. We offer guides for  everyone to become their better learning self.

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Why engaged minds come to Edugage?

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We were once a student, then a teacher and parent. Together, we wanted to tackle the challenge of being our better self. Living an engaged life.

We realized that if our mind is not engaged in a topic, no education is going to happen. This disengagement from education is a common sight, and within ourselves, our intuitive consciousness knows something has to be done. That's why we created Edugage! 

We hope to help you unravel your learning potential, and your inner wisdom to mold a life the Edugaged way. Create your best self today!

For Parents

The best time to mold a life is at its beginning. It has the most impact.

Parenting with accurate and useful knowledge is the first step to mold your child's life for happiness and success. If you're a first-time parent, you'll likely have many questions that you might not even know to ask. That's why we have many articles covering these questions and more.

For Students

Improve your ability to focus and retain learned knowledge. Do this by becoming an edugaged learner.

Learning science is not new, and has been with us for decades. The ideas available on learning science can be used to improve our learning. All you need to do is to be aware and apply them. At Edugage, we have collated the best learning ideas to help you increase your engagement level for better education.


Here's how you can start your Edugage journey.

Learn Something New

We cover different topics on parenting, learning and teaching. Power-up your parenting skills with child development knowledge. Improve your learning with study strategies. Engage students with teaching techniques.

Get Inspired

Beautify and decorate your room or classroom with inspirational posters. These posters provide your daily dose of inspiration to get you excited about learning, teaching, and parenting. They are Edugage designed FREE Posters.


Are you an author? Share your opinions and knowledge on educational engagement, learning, teaching, and nurturing with Edugage.

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Answers To Common Parenting Questions (Engaged Parenting)

About Us

We are educators interested in sharing our knowledge to make a better educated world. At edugage, we believe that a better educated world is one that takes engagement of the learner into consideration. This means putting thought into how to engage the learner's mind. To do so, we believe it takes a concerted effort starting from the home to the school. For such effort to be successful, it will take both parents and teachers to cultivate a consistent environment of engaging learning. As for learners, we believe it is possible to cultivate such an environment in their life through having the knowledge to stay an engaged learner.

With each article we publish on Edugage, we hope to empower parents, teachers, and leaners to live in an engaged life and be an engaging force. Through our effort, we believe we can help you to become your better self.

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